Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wolf Blass Limited Release Yellow Label Cab/Shiraz, 2008

Spotted this wine at the local Woolies liquor store; it attracted me with the Wolf Blass platinum like label, you know the one, it has the three vine leaves emblazoned with medals.  Unfortunately at $10 this was Yellow in colour, not platinum.

A limited release, not much info on the bottle, but they say it is limited.

From the ripe 2008 vintage; I thought it worth trying:

Undeniably ripe, plush style, full of fruit sweetness, but there is a lingering acid finish that completes the palate, finishing just a fraction hard. The nose is dark fruits and a good whiff of oak; that oak is carried through as a vanilla, caramel sweetness, rather then detracting from the wine aids the wine.

Tannins that are there, are ripe, round and well hidden by the oak and the fruit. Time will tell the quality of this wine, but for $10, who can really complain?

I do wonder however, if there will come a time when sub $20 wine is about savouriness rather then sweetness.

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  1. tried this wine again, after 4 days of it lying around the kitchen a third already being consumed. It is tasting a lot more savoury! the sulfur doing it's job, keeping oxidation at bay. This wine will keep for 5-8 years and will be better for it :) after 6 days it fell over :(