Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2009 De Bortoli Vat 1 Durif

Durif is the red variety for warm climes, it literally thrives in the heat and dusty red-brown soils of the riverina.  Supplied with a little irrigation, it will produce a substantial crop.

The wines are generally full bodied, and full throttled in style with masses of tannin, alcohol, dark intense flavour and the ability to eat oak like there is no tomorrow.

This wine is no exception. It is a youthful, brooding wine, immensely deep purple, with plenty of flavour.  Skilled winemaking has kept the alcohol at bay but in the present form it is just a bit too young. Wait a couple of years and you have a serious red wine that will surprise many with its palate; on the nose it will still remain oak driven, but the mouthfeel of those grippy tannins will have you in for repeat business.

Food suggestion: steer away from the hard cheeses, the grippy tannins will ensure reaching for the water; try instead matching a wet dish with plenty of flavour; braised lamb and black olives cooked with a little of the wine would be a starting point.

Drink from 2012-2019 13.5% alc, RRP $9.99

its a bit messy down here..

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