Monday, August 29, 2011

First batch of bangers!

home made, first lot

Beef and Sundried Capsicum with cracked black pepper

100% yum

Roughly, the recipe is

1.2kg of good beef, I used round beef from the local butcher
1 cup of sundried capsicum preserved in olive oil, from a jar
Cracked black pepper (not measured, just use your eye)
Sea salt

first dice the beef into chunks
then using a hand mincer, mince the beef with a coarse plate
pass the mince back through the mincer, using a funnel to fill the sausage skins. try not to leave airpockets in the snag or the skins will split
fry in olive oil and season with salt whilst frying.

Absolutely the bees knees

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  1. Whoa Andy, with BBQ season just around the corner - this looks good!