Friday, October 14, 2011

When is an Invitation not an Invitation?

When it involves a former Prime Minister, a book, and a former PM's daughter.

In a recent article in the Weekend Australian Howard's phantom toast to Menzies 17/18 Sept 2011,  Paul Kelly the Australian's Editor at large writes 'John Howard has deleted from the paperback edition of his book the story that, on his first weekend in The Lodge as prime minister, the Howards invited Robert Menzie's daughter, Heather Henderson, and her husband, Peter, for celebratory martinis.'

Now normally I would skip over such an article, and defer to the sport section, but on this occasion, the headline caught my attention.

What toast? What martini? What has Mr Howard being up to this time ?  Telling pork pies?  No he couldn't be!!

Well according to Mrs Henderson, he has.  She has asked him to withdraw this claim in the lastest paperback addition of Lazarus Rising and he has obliged..

John Howard

Former PM John Howard, hard at work

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