Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Even Healthier Muffins

Despite the fact that I already have a healthy muffin recipe which works well (here'tis), I thought I'd ramp up the health factor several notches, by eliminating the butter and replacing it with cholesterol free, sterol rich grape seed oil.

My requirements were twofold:

1. avoid shopping (I'd run out of butter)
2. be on the plate in 25minutes.

I think I've succeeded on the first 2 fronts, and possibly on the 3rd, the blood pressure.

Other tips,

take a peek in the oven they are glistening as they bake, little brown goodies.

Have a pot of good market plum jam* at the ready.


1 cup plain white cake flour, unbleached
1 cup wholemeal flour, organic if u don't mind
1/2 cup dates, chopped into little pieces the size of your little pinkies' fingernail
3 tsp baking powder
1 cup milk
1/2 cup grape seed oil
1 egg
good pinch salt (remember the oil has no salt, so mix needs it. i reckon up to 1/2 tsp here)
1 tbsp castor sugar (organic raw is the go)
Bushells instant coffee, white w 2 sugars please

mix the dry ingredients
mix the wet ingreds for a minute
add wet to dry, mixing again (God I'm sounding like bloody whats her face, Nigella)
butter the muffin tin (ok i relented, but it was margarine!)
bung in the oven @ 200deg C for 20mins (keeping tips in mind)
start writing it up

taste test

I'm not lying these are absolutely beautiful, like little golden scones, light and fluffy on the inside, golden brown crust on the outside.

delish with the jam; now, where did the cream get to..
golden nuggets of goodness

*$2.50 at Griffith Markets, it's well set, actually tastes of plum. somebody there knows how to make jam.


  1. 'golden nuggets of goodness' - love it Andy!

  2. i'm going to call them suffins, or mones; a cross between a muffin and a scone :)

  3. Some good suggestions Andy, but I still prefer 'golden nuggets of goodness'. Maybe you could call them GNOGs? (genogs?) ;)

    There's certainly plenty of goodness in there :)