Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

I came across this campaign whilst at the Shopping Centre today.   apparently it's a campaign to raise awareness of the great waste going on in our homes: food. We throw away so much food it isn't funny.  But it isn't just the food we are wasting, think of all the packaging going to landfill, and the transportation used to bring us this food to the supermarket.  And we don't even walk to get it, most of us drive!

I'd thought I'd share the link and invite comments, and put a few tips up for reducing food waste, helping the environment and saving hard earned $$
  • buy only what you need
  • plan what you need (ie use a list..i'm guilty of not doing that..)
  • freeze leftovers
  • purchase local produce (by doing that you will get fresher longer lasting fruit and vegies. I've had silverbeet-Australian spinach bought fresh from the markets that lasted a week in the crisper)
  • keep fruit and veg in the fridge.  I know the fruit looks good in the fruit bowl, but just keep a few there for snacks, and keep the rest in the fridge
  • avoid impulse takeaway purchases, especially when u have leftovers in the fridge. or take the leftovers to work, in fact many leftovers taste better the next day, think of the leftover curry
  • keep bread in the freezer; it stays fresher and doesn't go mouldy. if u keep it in the fridge, it just doesn't last. u can always microwave it for 10 secs to defrost.
  • only make what you need. if you make more, chances are it will get thrown out.  If you do, just freeze it.
  • avoid making too much boiled rice or mashed potato, they don't freeze very well and usually it gets hoiked.
  • party and celebrations are so much fun, but gee we waste a lot of food. avoid spending too much on the junk food, make or purchase better quality food like dips and they will be eaten, and your guests will be delighted. whats the point of those stale half opened packets of chips..
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