Tuesday, April 26, 2011

slow cooking lamb

this little experiment started with a plastic container of cheap lamb offcuts from Woolies*, the kind of meat that normally ends up in the butcher shop sausage machine.

By the time I had finished, I had a tasty little platter of succulent juicy meat and 3 veg.

For the cheaper cuts of meat all you need is a little patience, a small amount of technique and a nose for delicious aromas.

roughly 1kg lamb offcuts, on the bone if possible
2 potatoes cut into 2.5cm pieces
1 carrot, cut into 2.5cm pieces
sea salt/ cracked black pepper
green veg ready for the steamer

trim the lamb of large pieces of fat.  season the meat well with sea salt and cracked black pepper, rubbing well into the flesh
Place in baking dish with a little water, roughly 100ml and cover with a lid or tightly with foil
Bake in a low oven 110degC or 220 farenheit and bake for 2 hours.
Pour off the fat and juices into a jug, the liquid portion can be used for making stock
Place the potatoes and carrots into the roasting dish, seasoning with salt and pepper.
Place back in the 180degC oven for a further 45minutes-1hour with the lid

Keep the meat and vegetables warm while you make a gravy from the reduced pan juices combined with a little red wine vinegar if u like.
Serve the lamb pieces on a platter with green vegetables steamed until al dente, with the gravy juices poured over the meat

There's meat on them there bones

*retail supermarket chain in Oz, the meat cost just $4


  1. Thanks for that. I had bought one of these trays for my dog, but realised that some of the pieces were T shaped and very sharp and really not
    safe for a dog, particularly one who swallows things whole!!!
    So I'm going to try your recipe so they won't go to waste.

  2. is this last instruction with or without the lid please?
    Place back in the 180 deg C oven for a further 45 minutes-1 hour with the lid