Friday, September 30, 2011

Fairtrade Films and East Timor

Did you know East Timor is only 640km from Darwin at the top end of Australia? That's closer then Broome from the cyclone capital and the Big Pineapple from the Big Banana, well almost.  They also drive on the left.

Fairtrade films is a small independent Film company located in Melbourne, Victoria the southern capital of Australia and cultural melting pot.  Founded in 2010 but with a portfolio going back to 1986, their work includes Trafficked - The Reckoning, a film chronicling the search for the man responsible for enslaving a young Thai woman into a Sydney brothel; Trafficked - the original 2004 film about the woman, Ning, at the centre of the enslavement; and being charge of the production in East Timor of Balibo, the film starring Anthony La Paglia as Roger East, the journalist killed whilst investigating the Balibo 5.

Currently Fairtrade films are raising funds for their next project in East Timor- a joint venture with the newly formed Dili Filmworks.  Dili Filmworks is the first film company in East Timor.

The Film titled A Guerra da Beatriz (Beatriz's War) is a love story set in the years following the takeover by Indonesia in 1975 through until Independence in 2002.  This film will be the first feature film produced in East Timor ever.

Help support film making in East Timor by sponsoring the film,  on the Fairtrade film website at

and find out more about the role of film making in the recovery of the World's second newest (South Sudan has enthusiastically grabbed that mantle) and one of the poorest nations (and next door neighbour of Australia) here:

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