Thursday, February 27, 2014


No I'm not talking the upcoming World Cup, but the debate taking place, mainly by the right wing media on penalty rates. I did a bit of searching, and you know what, the established award rates seem pretty fair to me. Here they are: Hospitality Award (covers hotels, motels) Sat - 125% Sun - 175% Pub Hol - 250% (casuals get an additional 25% loading to cover sick/annual leave etc) Restaurant Award (self explanatory) Sat -125% Sun - 150% Pub Hol - 250% (casuals + 25% loading except the Pub Hols, which is the same) Registered Club Award Sat - 150% Sun - 175% Pub Hol - 250% (casuals + 25% loading only on Mon - Fri, no extra on Weekends or Pub Hols for being a temporary gun for hire) Retail Award M-F after 6pm - 125% Sat - 125% Sun - 200% Pub Hol - 250% or time in lieu based upon hours worked casuals + 25%, and + 10% on Saturday, but on Sunday they get 200% including the 25% loading ie the penaly rate is in effect 175% so we can see from the above, penalty rates are reasonable, time and a quarter to time and three quarters, and double time and a half for working on Christmas Day, Anzac Day, Boxing Day, when the rest of us are at home catching up with family that we don't see the rest of the year cause we are too busy working! note that many people are employed casually in the services or retail sector, and these casuals are not getting any extra for weekends or public holidays for working at the RSL..

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