Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rustic Spaghetti

I was chatting with a new friend at work yesterday, he originates from Calabria in Southern Italy. Italian food is one I like to cook, as it is so fresh, seasonal and CHEAP! I conjured up this recipe last nite, using my friend Ross's freshly made chilli sauce. 1/2 packet of wholemeals spag, about $2 from the super 1 bottle of passata (italian tomato pasta sauce), about the same 2 or 3 diced home grown tomatoes 1 home grown capsicum 1 tsp chilli sauce, home grown of course! 2 cloves coarsely sliced garlic sea salt olive oil, extra virgin if u can afford it. i have bottles given to me by a friend basil leaves fresh from the garden cook your spaghetti according to instructions, and set aside to keep warm in a hot sauce pan, add 3 tbsp olive oil, passata, capsicum, tomatoes, chilli, garlic slices and a good pinch of sea salt. pretty much everything! let it bubble away for about 45mins, while opening and consuming a bottle of local wine. serve with fresh basil leaves sliced, crusty bread, more olive oil and the rest of the wine!!!!!!!!! so fresh, healthy, tasty and wholesome. Gotta love the Italians!

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