Thursday, December 12, 2013

End of Holden

Yesterday was a sad day for most Australians. The end of local manufacturing of an Aussie Icon. Sure policy has played a part, the workers (who can blame them for trying to ensure a decent pay for what is mindblowingly boring work), and the lack of support from us Australians in purchasing decisions. There are many reasons for Holden's demise, but what to do about it? I believe we need to stand up to these multinationals, and nationalise car manufacturing. Why not? We can't stand back and watch these companies run roughshod over us..BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Coca Cola, The Banks, McDonalds, now General Motors. We need to fight fire with fire, if they don't accept our terms and conditions for trading here (and I mean decent wages for a decent day's work), input from State and Federal governments, our taxation regime (including heaven forbid, a carbon pollution tax), then we don't need them! We should build our own truly Aussie car again, perhaps a small 4 cylinder diesel or hybrid, using taxpayer funds in partnership with local car part manufacturers. Get the best brains in the land to design and build it. Then we can export to the Yanks and see how they like it!