Monday, October 28, 2019

yummy veg recipe in the mickey wave..

don't discount the easy to make dishes with few ingredients - sometimes they punch above their weight!

2 cups of diced yellow pumpkin, steamed in the microwave
1 tbsp light curry powder
1 tin of brown lentils, drained and quickly rinsed in the can (just fillup the can with water, tip most out but leave just a little bit left. u want a bit of the flavour and salt the can contains)
handful of washed baby spinach leaves
light vegetable oil (I used a quality peanut oil)


once the diced pumpkin has been steamed, season with the curry powder, and just tip the lentils in, drizzle a good couple of tablespoons of light vegetable oil
add the baby spinach leaves and stand for a couple of minutes.
mix together with a spoon and then serve on a platter

can be eaten as a quick and easy main dish, or as an accompaniment.
serve with crisp breads to soak up the goodness!!
would go really well with baked lamb