Sunday, March 1, 2020

lovely lamb with a thai twist..

3 or 4 lamb loin chops, thick cut
thai seasoning - this might be hard to get hold of, but you could google how to make - it's a mix of chilli, sugar, dried shrimp and possibly a few thai herbs and onion/garlic.  its a dry mix.
1.5 cups of water
handful of broccoli florets
good dash of thai fish sauce
juice of half an orange
light vegie oil

here's the drum -

season the lamb well with the dry rub, lay on a plate and refrigerate for a couple of hours. then bring out of fridge half an hour before cooking.

heat a heavy fry pan well, and add oil, brown the lamb on both sides
add the broccoli, water, fish sauce and orange juice
cover with tin foil and bake in moderate oven for 8-10minutes

can be served with steamed rice or thick crusty bread.

the flavour is complex, spicy, delicious and savoury with just a hint of the fish sauce and a tiny bit of sweetness from the lamb and orange juice.

give it a go - this is a dish for lovers of asian food and experienced palates (not for kids!) who are willing to try something different - it works!