Saturday, January 25, 2014

When is a Parliamentary Political Party meeting

actually a meeting? is there a quorum? do a majority of members have to attend? is an agenda worked out before hand, or is it just bring your own knife? I wonder how they work.. because on 22nd and 23rd of March 2013, some of the Queensland Liberal and National Party Senators and Members have claimed travel allowance for attending a parliamentary political party meeting at Rockhampton. However, the majority haven't claimed TA, and don't appear to have attended. It seems to be like this likely number of senators and members of QLD Lib/Nats at that time, 24 actual people attending, or claiming for attendance 6. one member, Paul Neville seems to have got his dates wrong, and claimed for 1st May 2013 instead. if that is the case the select 6 becomes the secret 7. The only other person also claiming for the 1st May 2013 for staying at Rockie, is their leader, Warren Truss. I wonder if 2 people having coffee constitutes a party meeting? all in all it looks like a few thousand have been spent on this meeting, when they could possibly have met in Canberra the day or week before hand, as Parliament was sitting..

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