Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bundaberg Reserve Rum

I was on the search for a new rum for my Christmas pudding (see below for the recipe), and came across this, Bundaberg Reserve Rum.  The last of the previous pudding rum had run out, a vanillary, sugary sweet rum from Nepal, courtesy of a family trip there last year.  Apparently it is the drink of choice in those parts.  It had worked very well in the puddings made so far.

But this rum is a little more serious, having less of the vanillary nose, and more of the charry oak in character, underneath though is a smoky note.  Smooth on the palate, the sugar that hides the rough edges of the Nepalese rum isn't needed in this case.  More fiery spirit too in the Bundy, even though it is lower in alcohol (40% cf 43%) then Nepal.

Not sure that it will be as good in the pudding as the himalyan number, but will give it a go.  On second thoughts I might go and get a little bottle of vanilla essence, just to give a bit of the ol' bean flavour to the dish, as I liked the end result of the nepal vanillary rum laced fruit pud.  It had worked well with the dried raisins, currants and sultanas, and combined beautifully with the CSR Dark Brown sugar with the molasses character missing from regular lighter brown sweetner.

Fans of the regular Bundy Rum (which I'm not really) might like to check this one out.  Alternatives to the Bundy Reserve may be an Inner Circle Red.

Anyway, it's $40 on special at Woolworths Liquor at the momento.

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