Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chrissy Drinks

tried on Christmas day

2009 Debortoli Windy Peak Pinot Noir, 2 for $20, 12.5% alc
From their Victorian operation, I do believe. I picked this wine as I knew I was driving after lunch, so decided on a lower alcohol red that would go with the obligatory ham.  Whilst I am no pinot afficionado, I reckon this was bang on what I wanted from Santa.  A nice, soft, easy drinking red wine, with a bit of red fruits, a whiff of something more complex, all wrapped in a nice little bit of vanillary oak.  It's low alcohol kept me in good shape for the evening's drinking.

4 Pines Pale Ale, sample, unknown alc.

I didn't manage to check the finer details of the ales, but I'd say this is a fair pale ale, without hitting any great heights.  It's reasonably bitter, with a touch of wheat to assist in palate roundness, and even a little sweetness.  Hops are present without overloading the package.  Worth trying for lovers of English style pale ale.

Mountaingoat Hightail Ale, sample, ? alc

An amberish style ale, with a touch of hop for bitterness. More a malt driven style with dryish finish.  Suitable for lovers of the James Squire amber and golden ales

Williams Pale Ale, sample

Have tried this a few times, really dig this beer.  Has a touch of wheat in the grain bill, the organic malt adds a European style to the ale, it appears to be almost like a Belgian wit beer without the cloudiness.  There is lemon on the nose, but palate reminds me of oranges, as if it has been infused with a little orange peel, Hoegaarden style.  Whilst not the same, it takes me back to sipping ales in a pub in Ghent.

4 Pines Stout, sample

I liken this to a roast malt porter, no as much chocolate as a porter, but not as bitter as a true stout.  Roast malt character is definitely present, but to be as good as the best, needs more hop aroma and hop bitterness as it goes down.  Still, not bad.

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