Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hutespot (Vegie Boost)

Hutsepot is like a soup, but veggies left in big pieces.  The name refers to the hotchpotch of vegetables that goes into it.
You add what you like, veggies which do not fall apart easily.
Potatoes, carrots, leek, sprouts, turnips, onion. Cut them in medium sized pieces.
As meat you can have sausages, bacon, ribs.

Fry onion, add veggies and let them simmer for a while, just before they burn add water and chickenstockcubes. Just below ‘veggie level’.
Fry the meat, once it is bit brown lay on top of the soup and cover with lid. Low the heat so it all can cook very gently, about 45 minutes.
If u have the patients to leave it for a day, tastes even better. We serve it with bread


  1. looks delicious Sas, definitely want this one next year!

  2. :)

    have been told it is hutsepot, not hutespot. My dutch is not that good...