Monday, December 13, 2010

Cocoparra National Park

The ancient rock faces greet you in stoney silence as you enter the gorge.
I’m at Jack’s Creek, an ancient creek bed in the heart of Cocoparra National Park, about half an hour out of Griffith.
Cocoparra National Park in spring reveals itself as a place of beauty, arising out of the flat paddocks and vine strewn landscape of the MIA. Acacias, gums, black cypress pines abound, as do the abundant fauna, the grey kangaroos, lizards, and black cockatoos.
A short stroll begins at the carpark and continues up the creek bed, taking in the ancient rock faces and overhanging vines, the watercourse alternating between pools and sandy beaches.
Nearby is Falcon Falls, normally a dry watercourse, but now in full cry, just like its namesake the Perigrene Falcon after prey.
The ancient rock faces have let me inside their secret hideaway.

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