Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saskia's Flemish Stew

This has come straight off the email, want to make this asap.  Anyway, will have to make do with the recipe for the moment, until I find somewhere that sells the correct beer.  Or perhaps I could just brew it...

Vlaams Stoofvlees, / Flemsih Stew?
4 grote uien/ 4 big onions
1 kg runderlappen/
1 kg steak75 gr boter/ 75g butter
zout, peper/ salt, pepper
2 eetlepels bruine basterdsuiker/ 2 tblsp brown sugar
2 eetlepels bloem/ 2 tblsp flower
2 eetlepels azijn / 2 tbslsp vinegar (brings balance, otherwise it can be to sweet)
1 flesje bruin trappistenbier (Westmalle or Leffe) do I need to translate
J 1 bottle
1 laurierblaadje/bay leaf
1 kruidnagel/ cloves?
1/2 theelepel gedroogde tijm/cofsp dried thyme
2 sneetjes bruinbrood/
2 slices brown bread1 eetlepel mosterd / 1 tblsp mustard

Pel en snipper de uien./ peel and chop the onion
Snijd de runderlappen in blokjes van 2 x 2 cm./cut steak into cubes 2 cm x 2 cm
Verhit de boter in een grote braadpan, bak het vlees op hoog vuur in ± 5 minuten rondom bruin en bestrooi het met zout en peper./
heat the butter in a large fryingpan, brown the meat over high heat in about 5 minutes and sprinkle with salt and pepper.Neem het vlees dan met een schuimspaan uit de pan./remove the meat
Fruit de uien ± 3 minuten in het achtergebleven bakvet./ fry onions in left over fat
Voeg de suiker en de bloem toe en bak die ± 1 minuut zachtjes mee/ add sugar, flower and cook 1 minute, add to meat.
Voeg de azijn, het bier, het laurierblad, de kruidnagel, de tijm en het
vlees toe./ add vinegar, bay leaf, clove, thyme to meat.
Laat het mengsel aan de kook komen en laat het op heel zacht vuur ±
zachtjes stoven./allow the mixture to a boil and leave it on very low heat
Verwijder intussen de korstjes van het brood en besmeer het brood met
mosterd./ meanwhile, cut the crusts from the bread and spread bread with the mustard.
Leg het met de mosterdkant op het vlees en laat het ± 30 minuten
mee sudderen./ place the side with mustard on the meat and let simmer 30 minutes
Schep het vlees om, zodat het brood het vleesmengsel gaat binden./Spoon, stir the meat so the bread will bind the misture
Stoof het in ± 1 ½ -2 uur verder zachtjes gaar. /Simmer on low heat  very gently for 1 ½  – 2 hours.

Sometimes I add some 'gehakt' the meat u used to make spaghetti sauce of Lasagna. I roll them in 2 cm sizes and add them to the mixture with the bread. They do not need much time to cook.
If you make it a day in advance it all tastes even better.

serve with frieten or boiled potatoes



  1. am gonna make this, got some free beer today from the brewery. Perfect for a stew..

  2. its in the pan, smells beautiful :)

  3. how did it taste? ...
    First time u cooked with beer?

  4. no, not the first time for beer, but usually use wine :)

    the recipe is good, taste is good, but be careful not to let it go dry when cooking. Check the simmer, and the amount of liquid.

    For the adventurous cooks, you can play around with the method a little by adding vinegar in with the onions. I would recommend a sherry vinegar for this dish. The recipe calls for 2 tbsp,that is correct it will add piquancy to the dish. The brown sugar and sweetness of the beer/onions will balance it all out.

    Looking forward to having the leftovers tonight, it will taste even better!

  5. The meat should be nice and soft and the juice has to come out while chew on it 
    Might add some water or another beer! Simmer very slowly
    Anyway, will show you how one day hey!

  6. think you are the stoofvlees expert :)